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Since June 15, 2017, mobile roaming charges have been subject to strict EU regulations to reduce the communication costs of citizens using their mobile phones when traveling in the EU. In summary, the legislation ensures that mobile phone users traveling within the EU will pay the same price in any EU member state as if they were in their own country, the exorbitant bills expected thus becoming ancient history for those who travel to Europe.

The key elements of the legislation are as follows (the regulations apply for subscribers and prepaid card users):


Calls will be deducted from your package without surcharge when you travel for calls to your country of origin or to France. Receiving calls will now be at no additional cost, as if you were using your phone in your home country.


Sending SMS will also be billed from your package without surcharge when traveling for shipments to your country of origin or to France.


The use of data is the most complicated part of this new regulation. The legislation is designed to ensure that you keep the same volume of mobile data in another EU state as in your home country. However, there are certain limits, which are called the limits of "reasonable use".

So if your contract allows you 1GB of data per month, you can use it in another EU country at no extra cost. If you need more data, you'll pay like you would at home.

If your contract is unlimited, you will have a “significant amount” of mobile data when traveling to another EU state, although it is no longer unlimited. Some operators - if you have been explicitly informed - may decide to charge for data usage beyond a certain usage, called "reasonable usage".

This additional amount is calculated using a complex formula based on wholesale data prices between operators. If you need more data, you pay a maximum of €9.24 per Gigabyte (about a 90-minute Netflix movie in average quality), capped at €50 in total. This non-package, beyond "reasonable use", remains 25 times less expensive than roaming was in 2015!

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